Auction Bidding Has Game Like Elements


Bidding at auctions has some game-like elements. After all, you can win or lose the auction. Ideally, you want to play to win, and use strategy to get what you want.

Have you ever played a board game with family members, and someone was losing? Those games can get really competitive quickly. And, games can get people’s emotions quite charged up– as can auctions.

Use Gaming Strategies to Win Auctions

It has been said that bidding at an auction involves a psychological battle taking place. One or more people may want to “win” something and they will fight for it with their mind and their money! It is not unusual for people to practice and have a game plan in mind before they attend an auction and make their bids. Like a good game player, a bidder knows it takes strategy, endurance and psychological gameplay to get exactly what they want at an auction for a reasonable price.

Knowing the rules of the auction is important. A bidder should know when and how to bid. Oftentimes, bidding involves acting very quickly and making fast decisions. The more auctions a bidder attends, the more familiar they are with the whole process. This can be helpful, especially if they are surrounded by newbies who haven’t a clue!

Some auctioneers can be intimidating and there is an adrenaline rush involved in the bidding process. For those people who are not adept at competitive bidding, they sometimes hire someone who is great at that– so they can “win” the auction for them!

Auctions are interesting to observe– just like people watch games, they can be entertained by watching people bid at auctions.

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