How to Ensure Your Online Auction Runs Smoothly

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Now that you have decided to host your auction online, you may be left with a few questions or some general anxiety about making sure it goes well. While online and in-person auctions do run differently, they are the same in the fact that the end goal is to raise money and have a fantastic time. Below are some tips to make sure you can maximize the outcome of your auction.

Explain the Rules

A terrific way to start your auction is to make sure everybody thoroughly understands the rules. Since online and in-person auctions have different etiquette, it is advised to go over the proceedings. A good rule of thumb is to send out information beforehand so that people may read it over, and then before the auction starts, briefly reiterate them to make sure everybody understands and is prepared.

Use High-Quality Images

While hosting an online auction provides many benefits, one small setback can be if you don’t have high-quality photos displaying what you are auctioning. It is imperative to ensure that your photos are high quality and show different angles of what is being auctioned. It’s never a bad idea to hire a professional photographer for events like this, and even taking high-quality videos of the item as well can be a fantastic way to make sure everybody sees what they are bidding on.

Have the Experts Help

Online auctions are a fantastic way to raise money and engage with people. However, especially if it’s your first time, it can be nerve-wracking! There are many professional auction companies that will help you run your online auction and ensure it goes well.

If you’re looking for expert help, call TurnKey Auction & Realty Co. at 866-870-5500. As members of the National Auctioneers Association, we pride ourselves on assuring your online auctions go smoothly. From giving an assessment of value on your items, to explaining how your online auction will be run, we are with you every step of the way!

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